How to prevent skin issues and anti-aging tips

How to prevent skin issues and anti-aging tips How to prevent skin issues and anti-aging tips
On top of every women’s wish list, would be a dream to stop the clock or even to reverse it and to retain that youthful glow. And, to achieve it is not as difficult as it has been often made out.

A few tweaks in lifestyle and changes in daily routine ensure that you can halt the dreaded march of age on your body. All you have to do is follow the points listed here.


Watch your diet

A good diet goes long way in enhancing your looks. Increase the intake of vitamin C and lower intake of fats and carbohydrates to arrest the effects of the ageing process. The diet portions should be small and have six meals daily. Also, choose nutrition dense foods, have complex carbohydrates and proteins, and drink lots of water. The anti-oxidant foods such as fish, fruits and vegetables are instrumental in protecting skin.

Have Vitamins

The experts have revealed that Vitamin C and E are very important in fighting anti-aging. Most of the anti-ageing creams and beauty products are rich in these vitamins. You can improve your defense against anti-ageing by giving your body these anti-oxidants internally. They help in reversing signs of ageing such as wrinkles and skin discoloration. The Vitamin C and E rich foods include spinach, almonds, avocados, fish, broccoli, peppers, kale, kiwi and citrus fruits.

Substitute sweet treats with dark chocolate

The sugar in sweet treats is detrimental for your skin. The sugar on entering your bloodstream bonds with protein molecules including those found in elastin and collagen. The elastin and collagen supports your skin and sugar degrades their structure which leads to sagging and wrinkles in skin. On the other hand, dark chocolate has anti-oxidant properties which can improve the appearance of your skin.

Workout and relax

The daily exercise improves blood circulation which in turn nourishes the skin. The improved blood flow brings more oxygen, nutrients and boosts production of collagen which prevents wrinkles. The sweat unclogs the pores and gives your skin youthful, radiant and fresh look. However, while working out don’t tense your facial and neck muscles  because, this can lead to appearance of lines on your face.


Lack of proper sleep can have detrimental effect on your skin. The late night and reduced sleep could lead to appearance of dark circles, puffy eyes and pale skin. Around 7-8 hours’ sleep is very important in process of keeping your body as well as skin in top shape. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach (produces bags under your eyes) and on your sides (produces wrinkles due to constant press of pillow on same facial area). 

Under the shade

Always protect your skin from the sun rays. The research and studies have revealed that around 90% skin damage is caused directly or indirectly by the sun. The prolonged time spent in sun can also increase the risk of skin cancer. When stepping in sun take necessary measures – use efficient sunscreen lotion, wear a wide brimmed hat and long sleeve shirts. And, always try to avoid afternoon sunrays.

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